SONY VRD-VC10 DVDirect External DVD Recorder

SONY VRD-VC10 DVDirect External DVD Recorder
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Includes: NeroVision Express, Nero Burning ROM SE, Ahead InCD, Nero Showtime, Nero BackitUp, AC adapter, & USB cable. Sony VRD-VC10 DVDirect External DVD Recorder - DVDirect is an all-in-one solution for burning video, and other data, to DVD media. When used with a computer, it operates as a dual layer DVD burner that can write any kind of data to DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, & CD-R/RW media. Without a computer, it can capture video footage directly from a VCR or camcorder, encode it, and then burn it to DVD media. 3 Recording Qualities - SLP (single layer (SL) 6 hours/double layer (DL) 12 hours), SP (SL 2 hours/DL 4 hours), HQ (SL 1 hour/DL 2 hours) Easy Start/Stop/Pause Recording Supports Dolby Digital (AC3) Automatic Chaptering - 5, 10, or 15 minutes Connects to a PC via USB 2.0 Supports Microsoft windows 2000 / XP

Technical Details

  • Connects directly to camcorder or VCR - no computer required
  • Works just like a VCR for convenient, hassle-free recording
  • Record up to 12 hours of home video on a single DVD
  • Real Time MPEG encoding ensures highest possible quality
  • Analog Composite (Yellow RCA jack) and S-Video inputs along with analog audio

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