Enterprise Baby Safety Toilet Lid Lock in White


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as of 04/17/2021 (Details)

Lock toilet lid in down position to prevent accidents or damage to plumbing. Extremely important safety item for every household with children. Once installed with high grade 3M tape, toilet lid will not open unless button is simultaneously pushed down and lever is swung to side. To reset lock, close lid and push button to release lever. Keeping toddlers away from the toilet is no mean feat and can be challenging to say the least. The toilet can prove quite attractive to little ones and they can be found with their hands inside, putting their toys in there or trying to splash the water or possibly even drink it! Even if you keep your toilet squeaky clean, harsh cleaning products are another health risk. The toilet seat lock from Enterprise is a lifesaver to parents who find themselves with this problem on their hands. It is designed to stop your child from opening up the toilet seat but doesn't inhibit you from using the toilet as normal, unlike long awkward multi-purpose lock

Technical Details

  • Prevent children from opening toilet lid and dabbleing or littering articles into the toilet.
  • No tolls needed, includes 3M double-sided adhesive tape, it is easy to instal.
  • It is easy for adult to use and hard for babies
  • Tank needs to be sloped upward like the one in the photo to work

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