Evans Cooling Systems EC61001 Heavy Duty Waterless Engine Coolant, 128 fl. oz.


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as of 11/30/2021 (Details)

Evans Heavy Duty Waterless Engine Coolant is the right choice for all heavy duty diesel, CNG and LNG engines, in both stationary and on-road applications. It is especially effective in severe-duty applications where water-based coolants are challenged. Evans Heavy Duty Coolant defends against heat-related damage while allowing the engine to continue producing its peak horsepower. Without vapor formation, pump and wet-sleeve liner cavitation are eliminated, and EGR cooler tubes are protected from heat-induced fatigue which results in tube cracking. Fuel economy improvement and emissions reduction are possible from being able to raise the operating temperature without fear of overheating. When converting an engine from a water-based coolant to waterless coolant, great care should be given during the installation (conversion) process to ensure that all of the old water-based coolant is removed before installing Evans coolant. It is recommended that the system be flushed with Evans Prep Fluid prior to installing any waterless coolant. When the installation is complete, the water content of the coolant should be no more than 3%. If the water is above that limit, the coolant will perform no better than water-based antifreeze. Evans Coolant Installation Kit, P/N E2197, contains test strips to measure the water content, along with other useful items to guarantee a perfect installation. Made in the USA.

Technical Details

  • Specially formulated for use in all heavy duty diesel, CNG, and LNG engines, in both stationary and vehicle applications Especially effective in severe-duty service such as vocational and off-road
  • Ready to use Requires no supplemental coolant additive (SCA) additions Contains no phosphates, silicates, borates, amines, or nitrite
  • Has a high boiling point of 375 DegreeF and provides low temperature protection to -40F Will not vaporize, eliminating boilover and after-boil Generates low system pressures, prevents coolant loss, and reduces strain on cooling system components
  • Contains no water, effectively eliminating corrosion, wet-sleeve liner and water pump cavitation erosion Minimizes the potential for corrosion and electrolysis issues, and reduces maintenance costs
  • Promotes better thermal efficiency, leading to improved fuel economy and lower emissions

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