ExpertPower 6 Volt 4.5 Amp Rechargeable Battery (EXP645)


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as of 04/12/2021 (Details)

Product Features: • Brand New • F1 Terminals • 6v 4.5Ah 20HR • 1 Year Warranty • Caring Customer Support • Maintenance Free and Valve Regulated • Utilizes Absorbed Glass Mat AGM Technology • Products trademarked ExpertPower® are marketed and sold exclusively by ExpertPower • ExpertPower® ships within 1 Business Day. Based on location, delivery typically takes 1-3 Business Days. Please note, Amazon's estimated delivery date does not accurately reflect the shipping speed chosen

Technical Details

  • Genuine ExpertPower® Battery - The Most Trusted And Highest Reviewed Sealed Lead Acid Batteries On Amazon
  • Battery Type - 6 Volt 4.5 Amp 20 Hour Sealed Lead Acid Battery With F1 Terminals
  • Ease Of Mind -All Of Our Batteries Are MAINTENANCE FREE and VALVE REGULATED
  • Used for Alarms, Automobiles, Lighting, Electronics, Emergency Systems, Medical Devices, Scooters, Solar Power, Wheelchairs, etc...
  • User Friendly - Easy Installation With a Very Durable And Rugged Construction

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