FasciaDerm System for Plantar Fasciitis


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as of 07/19/2024 (Details)

Your search for a plantar fasciitis heel pain treatment is over! This revolutionary and easy to apply product, utilizes a combination of advanced materials and a specialized no-slip adhesive, to directly support the foot and to reduce damaging strain in the plantar fascia. Reducing strain in the plantar fascia, in a consistent manner, through all load bearing hours of the day is key to a quick and lasting recovery from heel pain. With FasciaDerm your plantar fascia can rest as you remain active. The Recovery Pack contains two (6) day treatment cycles for a single foot (one size fits all). This package is recommended for new users who are trying to recover from heel or arch pain. Unlike conventional multi-purpose tape products, FasciaDerm has been engineered specifically for managing stress in the plantar fascia (low elongation, strong rebound, special skin friendly no-slip adhesive). An immediate feeling of support can be expected from your first step with FasciaDerm. Significant pain relief is often experienced within just a few days as your fascia is protected from damaging strain. Lasting relief is often reported within 1-2 six day treatment cycles. Typically users utilize between 1 and 4 (6) day treatment cycles. We recommend to continue to use the FasciaDerm for a number of days after pain has subsided to allow the fascia to strengthen thus minimizing the chance of relapse. Once you are out of pain and recovered, take steps to prevent re-injury to the plantar fascia, such as always wearing supportive footwear, stretching, use of orthotics and/or exercising to strengthen the foot. Use FasciaDerm periodically as needed in response to the earliest signs of heel or arch pain. Optimum daily use is 16-18 hours during all load bearing hours. You deserve the fastest path to pain relief. Save yourself pain & money buy FasciaDerm today risk free!

Technical Details

  • Relieves Morning Heel Pain in Days - Improves Conditions for Lasting Pain Recovery
  • Provides Immediate Support and Protects the Plantar Fascia - WE SHIP FAST typically in the mail in less than 24 hours
  • Materials and Adhesive Engineered Specifically for Protecting the Plantar Fascia (Not a Kinesio Tape)
  • Made in the USA - 100% Money Back Guarantee! Patented & Pat.s Pending
  • One Size Fits All - Right or Left Foot - Easy to Apply Pre-Cut Two Part System - Typically Use is 9-18 Days - 12 (daily) Applications / Kits Included

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