Fast Acting PlaySAFE Ice Blocker Ice Melt – Safe For Pets

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Professionals don't melt ice - they avoid it! Now you can too because when you apply Ice Blocker the surface is coated so that ice doesn't form in the first place. Cheaper than any pelleted ice melt -- one gallon of Ice Blocker treats 2,000 square feet or 6 jugs of messy ice melt pellets. Before Ice Blocker your only option was when to begin the dreaded fight with ice. Now you can quickly pretreat surfaces (up to 48 hours in advance before snowfall) to keep ice from bonding to any surface - just like a road crew... We are better and faster than any pelleted ice melt product because Ice Blocker stays where you put us, and we are already a liquid (pellets have to dissolve into a liquid before beginning their work). Switch to Ice Blocker and save on cleaning all that pellety mess from your floors and carpets too. We love pets and pets love PlaySAFE because our product will never include anything that sticks into their paw or can hurt their tummies.

Technical Details

  • Pet Safe Liquid for Anti-icing and De-icing -- Faster than any pelleted ice melt.
  • Keeps ice from forming when applied to dry surfaces up to 48 hrs. before snowfall. One gallon pretreats 2,000 square feet.
  • Begins to work immediately, unlike messy pellets that dissolve into a liquid before beginning to work
  • No hidden ingredients. No salts ever. No Urea ever. Will never damage turf. Honestly labeled, unlike deceptive pet "safe" brands products..
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