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as of 11/27/2021 (Details)

FastTrack Schedule 10 delivers an intuitive, redesigned interface and great new project planning tools to help boost productivity, manage resources, and create eye-catching reports. Great for both new and experienced project managers, FastTrack Schedule 10 helps you manage your projects easily and effectively. It’s easier than ever to plan and manage your projects. A completely redesigned interface, powerful tracking tools and dynamic status reports keep team members informed, costs under control and projects on schedule. Select between task or effort driven scheduling to complete work, or setup various calendars such as work, task, resource, corporate, etc., to serve as base calendars for your projects and tasks. Workflow improvements in managing and assigning resources are evident when viewing your resources utilization graph in the resource or schedule view. When resource mitigation is needed, choose from a variety of resource contours to relieve conflicts or over allocation. The best in producing presentation quality schedules, insert images into columns, or select from over 50 patterns, like gradients, to give your proposal the extra edge to win business. Easily exchanges data with spreadsheets, databases, and other project management programs including Microsoft Project. You can even consolidate multiple schedules into one master file for use in a group environment, or to get an overview of all projects currently occurring. Reference nearly 80 templates and example files across various industries. Several of the templates provided utilize calculation columns for various reporting and performance based analysis. Files include topics like Earned Value, Pharmaceutical, Construction, Film/Entertainment, Marketing/Advertising, Engineering, Government and more. With FastTrack Schedule's support for Windows and Mac OS X, you can work on your platform of choice and seamlessly exchange files across platforms.

Technical Details

  • New Mac look, Intuitive New Interface
  • Base Calendars and Work Calendars
  • Consolidation of Multiple Schedules
  • Effort-Driven Scheduling and Assignment Contouring
  • Address Book, Image Columns and Custom Bar Styles with Gradients

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