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Comprehensive Practice for the Computer-Based FE Civil ExamFE Civil Practice Problems contains 466 problems designed to reinforce your knowledge of important civil engineering topics. Short, three-minute, multiple-choice problems illustrate the type and length of problem you’ll encounter on the FE Civil exam. Solutions proceed logically and are clear, complete, and easy to follow. Calculations use equations and nomenclature from the NCEES FE Reference Handbook to familiarize you with the reference you’ll have on exam day. Solutions are presented in whichever system of units (customary U.S. or SI) you’ll use during the exam, and units are meticulously identified and rigorously carried through in all calculations.  Exam Topics CoveredComputational ToolsConstructionDynamicsEngineering EconomicsEnvironmental EngineeringEthics and Professional PracticeFluid MechanicsGeotechnical EngineeringHydraulics and Hydrologic SystemsMaterialsMathematicsMechanics of MaterialsProbability and StatisticsStaticsStructural AnalysisStructural DesignSurveyingTransportation EngineeringIntegrated Products and Support Through feprep.comFE Civil Practice Problems web book: the online version of this book provides automatic scoring and comparative reportingFE Civil Review Manual: a comprehensive review manual with complete coverage of the FE Civil exam knowledge areas and relevant elements from the NCEES FE Reference Handbook;the online version offers full-text searching, note-taking, and bookmarking capabilities, and integrated interactive diagnostic exam problems with automatic scoringFE Civil Practice Exam: an online simulated exam experience, with automatic scoring and comparative reportingFE Civil Assessments: online problems to evaluate your familiarity with exam topics, with automatic scoring and comparative reportingFE Civil Flashcards: online flashcards for quick, on-the-go reviewFE Review Programs: online programs providing structure and personal feedback as you prepare for the FE examStudy Schedule: an online, customizable study schedule with targeted reading and homework assignments

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