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The Most Comprehensive Book for the Computer-Based Electrical and Computer FE ExamThe FE Electrical and Computer Review Manual offers complete coverage of Electrical and Computer FE exam knowledge areas and the relevant elements—equations, figures, and tables—from the NCEES FE Reference Handbook. With 15 mini-exams to assess your grasp of the exam’s knowledge areas, and concise explanations of thousands of equations and hundreds of figures and tables, the Review Manual contains everything you need to succeed on the Electrical and Computer FE exam. The Review Manual organizes the Handbook elements logically, grouping related concepts that the Handbook has in disparate locations. All Handbook elements are shown in blue for easy identification. Equations and their associated variations and values are clearly presented. Descriptions are succinct and supported by exam-like sample problems, with step-by-step solutions to reinforce the theory and application of fundamental concepts. Thousands of terms are indexed to facilitate cross-referencing. Use the Review Manual in your FE exam preparation and get the power to pass the first time—guaranteed. Topics CoveredCircuit Analysis (DC and AC Steady State)CommunicationsComputer NetworksComputer SystemsControl SystemsDigital SystemsElectromagneticsElectronicsEngineering EconomicsEngineering SciencesEthics and Professional PracticeLinear SystemsMathematicsPowerProbability and StatisticsProperties of Electrical MaterialsSignal ProcessingSoftware Development

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