Filemaker Pro 5.0 Unlimited


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as of 12/02/2021 (Details)

FileMaker Pro 5 Unlimited provides powerful Internet and intranet Web database publishing to an unlimited number of users. Included in FileMaker Pro 5 Unlimited is FileMaker Pro 5 and the FileMaker Web Server Connector, which integrates FileMaker Pro with robust Web servers to provide increased performance, security, and SSL (secure socket layer) support to your Web solutions. Additional copies of FileMaker Pro 5 Unlimited can be added to provide a RAIC (redundant array of independent computers) structure, increasing the scalability of your FileMaker Pro solutions and helping to ensure operation through fail-over situations. FileMaker Pro 5 Unlimited can also be used with a wide variety of middleware applications, CGIs, and application servers for large-scale customized Web solutions.

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