FileMaker Pro 5.5 Upgrade


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as of 11/27/2021 (Details)

FileMaker Pro handles all business data-management needs, including job tracking, asset management, inventory, customer information, and payroll, over the company intranet, local area networks (LANs), or even wired or wireless handhelds. This version of FileMaker Pro has many enhancements based on input from users, IT management, and third-party developers. It can now query databases based on field, and features a new Execute SQL script step, as well as a revamping of Instant Web Publishing, which allows users to publish in the same format as their FileMaker Pro files, without writing any code.Web Companion translates a number of multistep scripts, providing a high degree of fidelity between PC-hosted FileMaker Pro databases and those published on the Web. You can also import specifically named ranges of Microsoft Excel data, a useful feature if there is more than one row of description or label data above the actual datasheet data to be imported. With a new multithreaded, built-in HTTP server, the processing capability of FileMaker Pro delivers faster response times for all requests, including static data and image displays. Web Companion now supports buttons in headers and footers, sorting by clicking column headers, and uniform row heights.Note: This is an upgrade version.

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