FileMaker Pro 6 Upgrade (Mac)


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as of 07/06/2022 (Details)

FileMaker Pro 6 lets you easily manage all types of information, includes powerful new ways to import and integrate digital images and other media into your FileMaker solutions, and offers a virtually limitless ability to exchange data with other applications. Complete with enhanced productivity and formatting tools as well as a host of new and updated productivity templates, FileMaker Pro 6 is an efficient tool for quickly managing and sharing information. A robust alternative to tracking information with spreadsheets, FileMaker Pro 6 lets users efficiently exchange data and integrate with other applications via support for XML. Users can also import any file folder (containing text, sound, images, QuickTime movies, etc.) into a FileMaker database in a single timesaving step, or develop customized layouts and forms that can then be applied to other objects and text. With this latest version, Mac users can now import images, along with metadata from any USB-supported digital camera, into a FileMaker database. They can also batch import digital images, text files, sound files, and more from a directory by using the Import Records menu item. FileMaker Pro 6 includes 21 business-ready "instant productivity" templates to help users get started.

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