Filter, MoCA “POE” Filter for Cable TV Coaxial Networking ONLY


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as of 12/01/2021 (Details)

The Holland POE filter was developed specifically for use on CATV subscriber premise internal coaxial wiring. The filters purpose is to BLOCK MoCA network generated data streams from exiting the subscriber's dwell and interfering with other neighborhood MoCA networks. The Filter also improves MoCA network's throughput by improving the data paths micro reflections.

Technical Details

  • Bandstop provides a typical 35-45dB of rejection in the MoCA 1125-1525Mhz band.
  • IEEE 6KV A3 surge survivablity is provide for additional network protection.
  • Device's technology is recommend for TiVO Whole House DVR applications.
  • Signal loss in the Cable TV ops band of 5-1002MHz is 1.5dB or less
  • Approved for use in TWC cable systems & other providers including TiVO utilizing MoCA for whole house DVR apps.

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