Filters for Pioneer Pet Ceramic & Stainless Steel Fountains (10-Pack)


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as of 11/30/2023 (Details)

These Premium Charcoal filters provide clean, fresh water to your pet. Water is drawn trough the charcoal filter, which is segmented into 3 layers to facilitate filtration. The duo-density pad on each filter captures hair and debris and the charcoal remove odors and eliminates bad taste. These filters are 100% compatible with the following Pioneer Pet® and Petco® Fountains models: Pioneer Pet® Ceramic, Pioneer Pet® Stainless Steel, Petco® Premium Ceramic. Directions for use: Thoroughly rinse out filter with running water before inserting in to the fountain. Although completely harmless, doing this will cleanse the filter of any charcoal dust that may have become loose. Insert the filter in to your pet fountain. Filter positions will vary by the model of the fountain. The user guide included with your fountain will give specific instructions depending on the model of your fountain. It is recommended the filter be replaced every 2 to 4 week and more frequently if multiple pets are using the fountain.

Technical Details

  • Pack of 10 filters
  • Keep the water in your pet's Pioneer Pet fountain tasting fresh
  • Compatible with Pioneer Pet Ceramic Fountains, Pioneer Pet Stainless Steel Fountains, Petco Premium Ceramic Fountains
  • Replace filter every 2 to 4 weeks
  • 3-Layer Filtration with Granulated Carbon and Duo-Density Polyester Pads

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