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as of 07/07/2022 (Details)

Write movie and TV scripts, stage plays, and new media with Final Draft - the number-one selling entertainment industry-standard application that combines powerful word processing with professional script formatting.  Final Draft automatically formats your script to industry standards as you write so you can focus on what's important - story and character. Works seamlessly with the Final Draft Mobile app for iPhone and iPad (sold separately).  NEW IN FINAL DRAFT 11 Image Support - Insert images into your script, title page or the Beat Board to help visualize your story. Tagging - Track and report on customizable story elements. Breakdown scripts for scheduling and budgeting. Night Mode - Quickly shift to a dark screen for easier viewing when writing. Multi-Language Support - Write in over 95 different languages. IMPROVED! Collaboration - Simultaneously edit your script remotely in real-time with writing partners. IMPROVED! Beat Board & Story Map - Add images to beats by dragging and dropping, drag content to and from the script while retaining formatting, color code with new vibrant custom colors, snap beats to grid, zoom, and export to PDF. See images in your Beats and Structure Points on Story Map.

Technical Details

  • Final Draft automatically formats and paginates screenplays and teleplays to entertainment industry standards
  • Prominent filmmakers such as Guillermo del Toro, David Lynch, J.J. Abrams, and Sofia Coppola recommend using Final Draft.
  • The market leader and the preferred file format of the Writers Guild of America West online Script registration
  • Final Draft is the proud recipient of a Primetime Engineering Emmy Award
  • Scripts created in Final Draft 11 on Windows, Macintosh or in the Final Draft Mobile app for and iPhone/iPad look exactly the same

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