Franklin TES-118 English/Spanish Translator


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as of 08/19/2022 (Details)

When traveling in a Spanish-speaking country, communicating will be easier with the Franklin English/Spanish Travel Ace. Quickly look up 650,000 translations between English and Spanish. Ready yourself with access to 2,000 common conversational phrases from categories like Doing Business, Eating and Drinking, and Travel and Directions. Includes a phonetic spell correction tool, two classic games (Hangman and Quiz), a clock with world and local times, a calculator with metric and currency conversions, and a databank for names and phone numbers.

Technical Details

  • Over half a million translations to and from English and Spanish
  • 2,000 categorized conversational phrases
  • Advanced verb conjugation
  • Hangman and Quiz games
  • Also a calculator, clock, and contact information databank

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