Furuno FUR-DRS4D 36 Mile 4 Kilowatt 24-Inch Diameter Radome for NavNet-3D Systems with 15 Meter Interconnect Cable

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FURUNO has taken its NMEA award-winning radar technology to the next level with Ultra High Definition Digital Radar. UHD offers crystal clear, noise-free target presentation with automatic real-time digital signal processing. Antenna rotation speed (24/36/48 rpm) is automatically shifted to the appropriate pulse length. Commercial-grade radar performance is now available in the ultimate MFD navigation suite. The Radar is housed in a sleek 24" diameter radome, produces 4KW of power, and has a range of 36 nautical miles.

Technical Details

  • 4 KiloWatts of transmit power
  • 36 nautical mile range
  • Antenna enclosed in sleek 24" radome
  • Supplied with 15 meter interconnect cable
  • Internal connector for NMEA 2000 device

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