The Simpsons, Scene It? The DVD Game

The Simpsons, Scene It? The DVD Game
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Scene It The Simpsons is loaded with clips, trivia questions and puzzlers featuring all the citizens of Springfield.  Homer, Bart, Lisa, Marge and Maggie are here along with their family, friends, teachers, bosses, tavern owners, convenience store clerks, clowns, sidekicks, pets and neighboreenos!  Pop the game disc into your DVD player and stay tuned for an avalanche of trivia!Scene it The Simpsons GameDVD trivia board game with favorite Simpsons momentsThe first family of funny in a trivia game with real clips!10 buzz cardsFlextime game boardRequires TV and DVD playerFor 2 or more players or teamsRecommended for ages 13 to adult

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