MTB Garden Wire Compost Bin 36″ L x36 W x 30″ H, Green

MTB Garden Wire Compost Bin 36″ L x36 W x 30″ H, Green
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Economy design wire compost bin which is made easy to use, easy to assemble and affordable. Powder-coated in green steel wires container with four anchor spikes helps against the wind. Get the messy piles gathered to look neat. You may add anything organic: fallen leaves, yard clippings table scraps. When it's ready, simply pull out one of the anchor stakes and swing the panel open for a trouble-free removal. Remember to shred and mulch all organic materials that you add - smaller pieces will compost faster. In cold climates, add several dozen earthworms and cover with black plastic or a heavy tarp.

Technical Details

  • MTB Home composting bins are perfect for starters and gardeners. Widely applied as outdoor grounds wire composter system for soil saver diy from kitchen and food waste; bark, mulch, leaves and grass clippings; table scraps; organic starter. Can also be used as dog kennel, or decorative fencing when is unfolded and installed in yard or garden.
  • MTB compost bins are easy to assemble, NO tools required. A square container formed by 4 equal-size mesh panels linked by anchor spikes at each corner. Effortless collapsed for saving room of storage.
  • Green powder coated heavy gauge steel wire makes the bin sturdy structure and long last life.
  • MTB decomposer bins is designed for proper moisture and air-flow for fast decomposition.
  • MTB Compost Bin Capacity: 25 cubic feet (185 gal). Bin height 36 inches by 30 inches width on each side.

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