ORBIT UNDERGROUND #16055 1/2″ Misting System

ORBIT UNDERGROUND #16055 1/2″ Misting System
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The Orbit 16055 misting system kit is easy to install and contains all of the parts and fittings to complete your new patio misting system. This ½-inch PVC Mist Cooling System will reduce outdoor temperatures up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit, making it perfect for patio mist cooling and mist cooling of outdoor recreational areas. It also works well for pets, helping to cool animal shelters and dog runs. The Orbit 16055 misting system assembles in just minutes to create 10 feet of mist cooling. The mist system can be expanded up to 250 feet with sufficient water pressure.Features and Benefits:Great for patio and area mistingMisting system is great for outdoor cooling, including pet areasMist system expands up to 250 feet (with sufficient water pressure)Mist system attaches easily to any standard garden hoseDurable construction allows for water mist to cool your patio or other area up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit

Technical Details

  • Plastic, Brass, Stainless Steel

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