Starfire Glass 10-Pound Fire Glass “Fire-Drops” 1/2-Inch Caribbean Blue Reflective

Starfire Glass 10-Pound Fire Glass “Fire-Drops” 1/2-Inch Caribbean Blue Reflective
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** New for 2015 ** Reflective Supreme Fire Glass "Fire-Drops" by Starfire Glass® is a Brilliant and Stylish addition for your fireplace or fire pit replacing traditional Gas Logs and Lava Rocks for a Modern, Elegant look! These Jewel-like "Fire-Drops" produces mesmerizing flames that dance and flicker, transforming your fire feature into a spectacular work of art!  Starfire Glass ® is a high quality premium product, head's and shoulders above the many imitators crowding the market with inferior low grade fire glass products. Starfire Glass ® "Fire-Drops" are superbly polished with no sharp edges. All of our Fire Glass is made with a unique tempering and filtering process resulting in jewel-like Fire Glass with superior clarity and higher heat resistance so as to remain brilliant and radiant for generations to come! Unlike many imitators, Starfire Glass ® is safe and clean to use. Our Fire glass will not melt, degrade or emit toxic fumes. There is also no soot, ash or smoke. Neither will it crack, scratch or pop. --- ALL FIRE GLASS IS NOT CREATED EQUAL --- Insist on the Best. Insist on Starfire Glass®

Technical Details

  • Starfire Glass® The Ultmate in Fire Glass Quality!
  • ½" Fire-Drops are uniform in size producing Mesmerizing Reflective Flames
  • Superbly polished with a Warm, Radiant, Luminous Glow.
  • Premium Tempering process with consistent Jewel-Like color throughout
  • Replaces Existing Gas Logs & Lava Rocks. Very Safe and easy to install

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