Genuine Czech Cobalt Blue Crystal Glass 6 1/4 inch Spa Bar Slab Foot File


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as of 10/25/2021 (Details)

Here are some fantastic, crystal glass spa bar slab foot files, manufactured in the Czech Republic, in a variety of enticing colors. These are the so called "slab bar" type of file. Each file measures approximately 6.25" (165 mm) long x 1 3/8" (35 mm) wide x 1/4" (6 mm) thick and weighs over 3 1/2 oz. These files are crafted by hand in the Czech Republic, so dimensions may vary slightly. Each file has two filing surfaces. Tempered crystal glass is the starting material for manufacturing these heavy duty, superior quality, meticulously crafted files. The Czech Republic is where the world's foremost glass artisans reside. These crystal glass files reflect the expertise of these highly skilled, glass artisans. What differentiates these Czech files from the imitations made in China and elsewhere, is that Czech files have their gritty surface produced by mechanically etching the crystal glass surface. As a result, these Czech files will never wear out. They can be cleaned and will work just like brand new, over and over again! This crystal glass etching process is time consuming, requires great skill, and is expensive. The less expensive glass files, produced in China and elsewhere, have grit bonded with adhesives to the glass surface. These adhesive grit Chinese files wear out, unlike the Czech Republic files. The inspection and quality control process involved in these Czech Republic crystal glass files is outstanding! It is second to none! As a result of their anticipated longevity, these Czech files are considered "green," or eco-friendly. Each individual file comes with its own durable, protective, clear, vinyl storage case. These files are easy to clean and keep sanitary. They can be sterilized via all standard methods (heat, autoclave, UV, liquid agents, etc.). Regular use of these files keeps your feet soft, smooth, and sexy! Please note that the color photographic images of our files may vary on different computer monitors.

Technical Details

  • Large foot file - 6.25" long comes in a clear plastic case
  • Double Sided, Genuine Czech file ~ High quality
  • Keeps your feet and heels soft, smooth, and sexy!
  • Environmentally friendly - no lead is added or chemicals used during manufacturing
  • Made in the Czech Republic

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