Glorytec 3 x Garden Bags 80 Gallons | Collapsible and Reusable Gardening Containers | Large and Strong Gardening Bag | Yard Waste Bags for Lawn and Leaf


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as of 11/30/2021 (Details)

Our set of 3 garden waste bags has been especially developed for YOU and offers many important advantages compared to competitive products. We thoroughly analyzed the weaknesses of other containers in order to develop an unique product:See the advantages of our 5-STAR Waste Bag:• Extra Big:Each bag has a Maximum Capacity of 80 gallons. Ø 26", Height 33". Each bag can be filled with more garden waste than many other bags.• 3 Bags in a Set:Our research has shown that in average 3 bags are required to complete your garden duties.• 4 handles instead of just 3 Our sacks are provided with 2 handles on each side allowing them to be turned, pushed and emptied with easeTear-resistant handles. Each handle has been stitched 10-times and is provided with a double layer enforcement• High Stability: Each gardining bag comes with a plastic hoop for maximum stability.• Premium Quality from Glorytec: We offer you a premium product with superior quality. Many years of experience help us to develop the best productsSATISFACTION QUARANTEE:If you might not be 100% satisfied with our product, just contact us. We always find a good solution to ensure your satisfaction Please do not overload the bag with wet grass because it is very heavy. Video instructions:

Technical Details

  • ✅ UNIQUE OFFER: A Set of 3 Gardening Waste Bags with unique Advantages:
  • ✅ EXTRA BIG: Each sack has a Maximum Capacity of 80 gallons. Ø-Diameter: 26" (67cm), Height: 33" (84cm). Each container can be filled with more garden waste than many other bags.
  • ✅ ROBUST MATERIAL: We use heavy duty 150gsm PP woven fabric which is UV stabilized, tear-resistant bin and water repellent . Each bag comes with a plastic hoop which holds open the upper part of the bag.
  • ✅ BEST USABLILTY: Each bag has 4 handles instead of 3, leading to a better handling from each side. Each handle is provided with a double layer enforcement behind the sewing and each handle is 10-times stitched. On both sides of the bag you wil find one handle on the top and one on the bottom for easy usage
  • ✅ MULTIPURPOSE FUNCTIONALITY: Suitable for Leaves, Grass, Wilted parts, Steams of trees and shrubs. Also suitable to store toys, clothes, separate laundry.or pool cleaning. Watch the instruction video at: Video instructions:

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