Glow in the dark LED bracelets. These LED Bracelets are great for any occasion

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Led bracelet are the perfect solution for upgrading your next event ! Be ready to have fun ! - Are you sick of the same old event over and over again? - Are you looking for a special product that will upgrade your event? - Use Led bracelet at your event and make your dream come true! To make an outstanding impression, Just turn on the switch, it's super easy to use Wait !!! For a limited time only, order now and get the following e-book as present. - The LED bracelet is eco-friendly, can be reuse for your next event. - As the name suggests, this LED bracelet is designed to be worn as bracelet or on the children's ankle. The LED part in the bracelet can be pulled away to insert it easily to the arm, then can be close again with no problem. - LED bracelet are ideal for christenings, birthdays, weddings, memorials birthdays, New Year and more, and will make your special event magical and unforgettable. We know that your occasion is the most important one, therefore we do our best to deliver out prime products to you fast and safe Buy now, we can't guarantee our special price + bonus. Get the E-book for free and be amazed at your event !

Technical Details

  • Best value pack: 12 pcs in pack + Bones: Party games E-book for best games for adult/child.
  • Bracelet colors : Pink, Purple, Green, White, Orange. Led Colors: Red, Blue, White, Green Yellow and more.
  • On/Off switch for re-use. flashing LEDs. Batteries included, can be used immediately without preparations. Super easy and ready to use.
  • Best use for parties, birthdays, festivals, Halloween, weddings, night activities and more.
  • Outside diameter: 8.5cm, inside diameter: 6.5cm. Fits on every Children, Men and Women. You can place them anywhere, On your wrists, arms, kid's ankles, it's totally up to you. Order today for our special bonus !

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