GODESON 88702 Smart Color Coded Tire Tread Depth Gauge (10 Pack)


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as of 06/27/2022 (Details)

Why Choose Godeson Tire Thread Gauges 10pack? A professional tool worth having, UNIVERSAL FIT CARS AND TRUCKS Protect your vehicle Save your FUEL cost Enhance your driving ability The key reason should be repeated three times Keep you and your family safer,Keep you and your family safer,Keep you and your family safer Measure Tire Tread Depth 1. Push the measuring scale into the gauge as far as it will go. 2. Place the probe into the center of a circumferential tire groove and push down on the gauge's base. 3. Carefully remove gauge by holding its barrel (without touching the probe) and confirm the tread depth reading. 4. Place the probe into additional locations around the central circumferential tire groove at least 15 inches apart and repeat. 5. Place the probe into the inner and outer circumferential grooves and repeat. 6. Average all readings. 7. Identify the percentage of tire wear by confirming the tire's original/new tread depth in its specs compared to the remaining tread depth just measured. 8. If uneven tire wear is identified, have vehicle checked by a reputable tire specialist.

Technical Details

  • Accurately measures tire tread depth gauge, Calibrated from 0 to 1 inch in 1/32 inch
  • Color coded tire tread depth gauge clearly indicates the tire different phase by colors
  • Tire tread depth gauge of Red range on bar: 0-3/32; Yellow Range on bar: 3/32 - 6/32; 5. Green Range on bar: 6/32-32/32
  • Comes with a pocket clip, easy to carry a tire tread depth gauge
  • Tire tread depth gauge reads in 32nds Suitable for trucks, motorcycles, automobiles and any passenger vehicle

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