Green Garden Black Tea Handmade Soap 3.5oz


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as of 05/15/2021 (Details)

Coconut oil is known for its many benefits as different food products such as cooking oils, baking supplements and coconut juice. For those of us growing up in countries along the equator do remember those hot late afternoon with fresh coconut juice picked right off of the palm groves. However, there are numerous surprising benefits of coconut oil when it comes to taking care of your health and your day-to-day well-being. Coconut oil's smoothing, antibacterial, and cleansing properties take on an entirely new level when used in your skincare routine. Since it is gentle on the skin and not laden with chemicals, coconut oil is a safe and easy to entrust your skin with. For those who have not used coconut oil before, its various applications can be pleasantly surprising. We are proudly bringing to you coconut oil in the simplest forms - coconut soaps and lip palms. Our products - Green Garden Coconut oil soaps and lip palms - harvest all the wonderful benefits of coconuts oil into soap bars and lip palm gels. When included in your daily routines, our all natural soaps with coconut oil will continuously moisturize your skins after the shower and throughout the day.

Technical Details

  • Traditional handmade soaps, using cold process, naturally scented
  • Made with coconut and palm oils, natural herbs and organic ingredients
  • For all skin types - can be used as facial soap, body soap or hand soap for both men and wome
  • Help accelerate skin regeneration and protect our skin from premature aging and mimic wrinkles
  • Help tighten pores, freshen up your skin and give your face a natural, radiant glow.

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