GSP Family Tree ScrapbookMaker


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as of 11/30/2023 (Details)

Create a treasured Family Keepsake! Most families have either boxes of old photographs or stacks of mismatched plastic photo albums, which, by and large, no one ever looks at. This unique program is designed to help you investigate, assemble and organize your family history, your family story and your Family Tree, in a high-quality professional presentation to share with your children and grandchildren. Keep track of people to find, places to visit and things you've discovered along the way. Instantly reveals the relationships between family members in your tree. Choose your favorite styles and borders. Print out information such as birth details, death, marriage, occupation, etc. Import photos in multiple file formats and acquire pictures from scanners and digital cameras directly within this program.

Technical Details

  • The program organizes your data, keeps track of the people and place you visit along the way.
  • Print individual information or the entire tree document.
  • You can also import photos from cameras and scanners.

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