Gulan “Cassiopeia”. Ambient & Space music


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Beautiful spherical and cosmic sounds full of enigmatic music constructions give to a listener a chance to touch the mystery and infinity of the Universe. This album consists of songs both with dynamic sounding and with mellow ambient effects. These songs will send you to a distant and unforgettable space journey where you will relax, dissolve and sink into delight and pleasure.But no worry, you will be surely back on Earth keeping warm memories and experience. Just put the music on, close your eyes and happy journey!Review:Gulan is the pseudonym of Andrei Gulaikin, an ambient/space musician hailing from Latvia. 'Cassiopeia' is an album filled with 71 minutes of very interesting electronic space music. It is nicely kicked-off by the title track, split in three parts. Some grand velvet textures merge with some twinkling sequencing while some light solo's float on top. This rather active part is counter pointed by the free form soundscapes of the second part, which float on in gentle ways. Next comes the lofty excursions of two-fold 'The Infinite' before we arrive at the excellent 'Return Home'. This piece has a beautiful fairytale-kindred flavour with nice expanding textures. This highlight is followed by the same titled second chapter, another strong, drifting piece featuring melancholic undercurrents, entering heavenly spheres. 'Delerium' is again a sequenced, more active track, after which the cd ends with a remix-version of the title-track. 'Cassiopeia' is rather stunning release, so ambient/space fans out there: make sure you don't miss this one!Bert Strolenberg-----------------------------------The Cassiopeia album opens up the true Gulan Theatre: widely arranged pads, sequencial loops, strong lead, warm chords taking over, thoughts will fade, feelings will take over. The music reminds us of some songs by Vangelis, Gandalf, Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze. Gulan now has it's unique twist, his unique touch: surprising the listener with bubbles full of special treatments and special effects. The title tracks are Cassiopeia part 1, 2 and 3 and they start our journey on the album. All three show us a bit of the Gulan Universe: call it Space music, New Age, Ambient, we prefer the album not to be filed under any specific genre. The music is different everytime your hear it! The Infinite - this is closer to the core, this track is 100% timeless and gives the head a spin and a serious weightless impulse sort of speak.... from there The Infinite 2 starts a pleasant sweep and bleep phase and Gulan takes care of the environment: his music builds up a scene and includes blankets, candles, wine, cheese and protection against boring tones: all ingredients are fresh and do taste delicious on all portable players, HiFi sets, car stereo and BIG cinema sets! Return Home - this track does the trick, now you will get lost for sure! The crystal sweet melody starts playing and invites you to open up another door. This door opens up @ 2 minutes and there you are.... the Deep, the Big and the Unexpected. This feels great! 100% in Space. Maybe it had to do with the Sony Playstation screensaver, showing the earth from space while we played the album....returning home is for later, just enjoy the space trip in full effect! After Submergence - which gave us plenty of time (bit too long perhaps...) to think about bits and bytes, the Delerium track has the sequence, the subtle rhythmic sauce we were looking for now, the cinematic side too. The lead synth as a guide, showing you bells, winds, dolphins, water; not really there of course, but one can imagine easily.... At this stage we found ourselves healed. Fresh. Charged. Cassiopeia did it. This album is one you'll never forget. It's a journey you'll make more than once. You'll play it and play it again. It's beautifully arranged, typical Gulan style. Surprising. Clean. Clear. High production level. Space! TC, This product is manufactured on demand using CD-R recordable media.'s standard return policy will apply.

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