Gunnar Optiks INT-00101 Intercept Full Rim Advanced Video Gaming Glasses with Amber Lens Tint, Onyx Frame Finish


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as of 10/21/2021 (Details)

Gunnar Optiks INT-00101 Intercept Full Rim Advanced Video Gaming Glasses with Amber Lens Tint, Onyx Frame Finish Side View of Glasses GUNNAR Optiks Intercept Gaming Glasses GUNNAR Optiks Intercept Gaming Glasses improve visual performance and reduce eye strain for those with 20/20 or 20/20 corrected vision. Engineering grade injection polymers provide dimensional stability and long term durability and curved temples (arms) are designed to provide rotational stability for long lasting, comfortable fit. The Intercept has a wide fit frame ideal for a wide range of face shapes. Intercept has a 59-millimeter lens width, 18-millimeter bridge width and 132-millimeter temple length. Features Prevents dry eye, irritation and sharpens detail to ease eye strain.Distortion-free optics for lasting clarity in a durable, lightweight form.Filters blue light and UV to enhance contrast and protects eyes.Reduces glare to eliminate distraction and stress. Front View of Glasses GUNNAR Patented Lens Technology GUNNARS patented lens technology is designed and engineered to meet the demanding visual needs of the digital generation. GUNNARS lens design limits air currents near the eyes, increasing humidity and preventing irritation. This design enhances focus and sharpens detail to ease eye strain. The high-index lens material eliminates distortion from impurities and haze found in inferior materials to ensure the clearest image possible. The ultra light yet durable, performance optics will not degrade over time. GUNNARS proprietary lens tint filters blue light and blocks UV to enhance contrast and protect eyes. The filtered spectrum replicates natural light, minimizing visual stress. Premium lens coatings reduce glare and reflective light to eliminate visual distraction and stress. An external hard coat provides extended lens durability resisting scratches. GUNNAR computer and gaming glasses are also available with custom prescription lenses. Side View of Glasses About GUNNAR Optiks Welcome to the Digital Generation. We are wired to a media-rich, networked world of infinite possibility. Visually connected to computers, tablets, phones and games - peering into an abyss of high-energy visible [HEV] blue light for hours can disrupt your entire system; your eyes, neck and back, circadian rhythms and overall health. Computer Vision Syndrome [CVS] has become a common problem for our digital generation. Nearly 70 percent of U. S. adults experience digital eye strain as a result of increasing use of digital devices. Cumulative exposure to HEV blue light can contribute to vision problems such as cataracts and age-related macular degeneration. AGE -- GUNNAR is the only patented computer eyewear recommended by doctors to protect and enhance your vision. GUNNARS alleviate all causes of digital eye strain and visual fatigue. As the world’s leader in lens technology, GUNNAR pioneered computer and gaming eyewear technology and remains the official performance glasses recommended professional gamers globally. GUNNARS aids natural focusing to provide sharper, clearer vision, resulting in less strain on eye muscles. In addition, proprietary tints and coatings block high-energy blue light, UV and glare to protect your vision. GUNNAR lens design frames your face to protect your eyes from exposure to dry, ambient air currents. The result - improved clarity, focus and performance that meets the demanding visual needs of a new generation.

Technical Details

  • Kill the glare with the only patented gaming eyewear recommended by doctors to protect and enhance your vision through the use of their specially designed lenses featuring proprietary tints and coatings that block high-energy blue light, UV and glare
  • Weighing in at only 35-grams, these lightweight glasses are properly balanced to reduce pressure points and combat eye strain, while the Amber tint lens makes these glasses ideal for gamers
  • 132-millimeter temples and full rim frame are forged from injection polymer to ensure lightweight durability, increase optical stability and enhance visual detail throughout the day
  • Keep your glasses in place with the 18-millimeter bridge and multi-barrel hinges which create rotational stability for a long lasting fit; rigid lens mounting area keeps optics from degrading through lens flexing
  • Limited Warranty that covers against defects for (1) year after purchase; these Advanced Gaming glasses with wide fit have curved nose rests to provide even weight distribution and eliminate pressure points

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