Hammock Straps XL (2) Quickstraps-New Design, Camping, Hammocking 2 Carabiners Set – Heavy Duty Portable Tree Friendly Easy Adjustable Hammock Accessories | Compatible w/all Camping Hammocks – By GEO


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as of 10/24/2021 (Details)

  No Loops, No Limits. The Perfect Lightweight Portable Hammock Straps you Need to Adjust Your Hammock to EXACTLY where you want it, WHEREVER you are in the world.   Our straps come with a quality and meticulous design that no other hammock straps have on the market. Instead of copying brands like ENO, we wanted something different and exceptional. We designed them first for ourselves, people who love hammocking and wanted something better than loops and ropes, and then we thought of YOU. Our straps:   Perfect for camping, backpacking, hiking, on campus hammocking, and more Adjustable to the exact length that you desire. No more limits. Quick and easy to put up. Once you find your trees, you can be relaxing away in less than a minute. Have easy - release pull tab to quickly release tension, pack away straps, and head off down the trail! Can be used with any camping hammock including ENO, doublenest, and singlenest hammocks Made of ultra-durable weather resistant polywebbing and stainless steel designed to last forever. Are thick, strong, and have 5X reinforced stitching. This stitching is there to stay. Extra long, measuring together a total length of 22 ft. (11 ft. per strap) Lightweight and compact, with straps weighing 14 oz, carabiners at .8 oz each, and entire suspension system only 15.6 oz. 1 Inch-wide webbing that will displace pressure on trees, making GEO Quickstraps™ the responsible choice while hammocking. UNCONDITIONAL LIFETIME WARRANTY. If you are not satisfied, return for a full refund. If you don’t love them, we’ll buy them back from you, no questions asked!

Technical Details

  • ✔️ FASTEST AND EASIEST WAY TO BE HANGING IN THE TREES- Want the quickest way to get relaxing surrounded by lakes, mountains, waterfalls, or whatever outdoor backdrop you seek after a day of setting up camp or strenuous backpacking? Or maybe you just want to hang your hammock up in your backyard, on your college campus, or, heck, in your room. Either way, with GEO QuickstrapsTM, we assure you that you can be hammocking in less than a minute.
  • ✔️ INFINITELY ADJUSTABLE - Wait! Aren't you tired of straining to reach that last, perfect loop that you just can't quite get to? Don't you feel that loops LIMIT you? Don't be limited by loops anymore. (We won't even mention ROPES!) Our team designed these straps so that you can EASILY ADJUST to the to the EXACT length you want with just a little tug. Combined straps are 22 ft. long.
  • ✔️ SUPERB QUALITY - Our complete hammock suspension system is made of ultra durable weather resistant polywebbing and stainless steel designed to last a lifetime. Our straps also come with two FREE aluminium wiregate carabiners which are designed to be lightweight, strong, durable, and easy to open - with no sharp edges to tear your hammock. Each carabiner is rated over 1100 lbs. Our set also comes with a compact carry bag.
  • ✔️ DESIGNED WITH YOU IN MIND - Our hammock straps are compatible with any hammock including ENO. They can be used with Doublenest or Singlenest hammocks and are tree friendly. They are lightweight and compact for backpacking. We have personally tested our straps up to 1200 lbs as well as piled four large grown adults and a dog in all with no problem!
  • ✔️LIFETIME WARRANTY - Love them or we'll buy them back from you, no questions asked!

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