Happy Road Car Drying Towel, Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Lint Free, Premium Professional Soft Microfiber Towel, 16” x 16” Super Absorbent Towel for Car/Windows/Screen, Pack of 3


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as of 10/23/2021 (Details)

What is microfiber made of? Microfiber is an environmentally friendly textile material made of polyester and nylon. While a microfiber detailing cloth may look similar to an ordinary cloth, it is functionally far superior. It is 100 times finer than human hair. Microfiber detailing towels can absorb several times their weight in water and is extremely soft and non-abrasive. Microfiber is suitable for drying, dusting and polishing on most types of surfaces, including all types of metal, paintwork, glass, ceramic and wood. Use the Happy Road Premium Microfiber detail cloth just once and you will be amazed at how well it can clean without adding any chemical cleaners or water. Product details Material: Polyester, Nylon (850GSM) Weight: 0.26lb Size: 16" x 16" Color: Blue Gray Application: Universal use, including bathroom, living room, outdoor How to use: Spread towel over the intended surface and apply even pressure in a wide circular motion. For stubborn stains, you can consider slightly dampening the cloth and using smaller circular motion over the stain. This towel is also suitable to be used with cleaning products. For maximizing the lifetime use of the towel, we recommend using clean water to wash out the towel and air dry in a cool ventilated environment. Kindly Remind: 1.We recommend you to wash the towel in water first before using it for the first time to remove any fluff or loose fibers from the surface of the towel. 2.For best washing results, wash cleaning towels with the same color together in cold water.

Technical Details

  • LINT FREE & HAPPY TO USE: If you have ever used cheap microfiber cloths you know they leave lots of lint around the surface and quickly lose possessive, become dry and harmful to your car paint. Our premium Happy Road drying towel are made of unique materials and workmanship, without lint during use. so you no longer suffer from the inferior towels. It also has been rated to be washed and re-used without impacting its effectiveness. Machine-washed and tumble dired, had wash recommend.
  • SUPER SOFT & STRONG ABSORBENT: Save time and effort by using this dual-sided ultra-thick 850GSM car microfiber towel that has been tested to absorb more water than what you expect ! The 88% polyester and 12% nylon plush material provides a soft and luxurious hand feel that is 100% safe to use next to skin. The material not only absorbs liquids quickly but also dries quickly which prevents bacteria from building up.
  • ABSOLUTELY NON-SCRATCH: Don't risk scratches or markings and invest in a Happy Road premium quick detailer for cleaning your car, boat and other precious possessions. The car towel has a wrapped edge so there are no loose sharp bits to leave scratches, swirls or other markings on the surface you are cleaning.
  • SUITABLE FOR MOST SURFACES: Buy a Happy Road premium dry towel and use it for all sorts of surface work, including kitchen counter tops, dishes, glassware, TV screens, car or boat's paintwork, ceramic tiles and wood surfaces. Is the back of your car or garage cluttered with old and dried up towels that leave a nasty dirty streak on the just cleaned car body? Leave that bitter experience behind and try using our microfiber towels for all stages of auto care, such as washing car body, window etc.
  • 36 MONTHS WARRANTY: Buy now and start using the Happy Road dedicated cloth and feel secure that this order is covered by our 30-Day Full Refund and 36-Months Replacement Warranty. Our exclusive warranty will provide a new replacement or refund if during the life of the product any quality issues occur.

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