Hardline Products HR-8067-2 Re-Settable Hour Meter with Tachometer


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as of 01/26/2023 (Details)

Hardline Products Surface Mounted Inductive Meters provide what today's power-sports user needs and expects from hour meters. The late model four stroke engines have strict maintenance schedules that must be followed to honor your warranty. Our Re-Settable Meter addresses all your maintenance needs, Oil, Valves and Air Filter. We have added a Tachometer function for reading your RPM. Knowing your RPM readings are important for passing sound checks and setting idle speed. Every hour meter from Hardline Products now includes a Log book for quick referencing of your written service notes. Write down oil changes, valve service, chassis lubrication, clutch service and suspension setting notes in one convenient book.

Technical Details

  • This hour meter works on all gasoline engines including newer FI bikes; it has adjustable RPM input for dual or single spark ignition systems; it has a real time reading of tach up to 20,000 RPM's
  • Flash alerts include "clean air filter" every 5 hours; "change oil" every 10 hours and "valve service" every 20 hours
  • All Flash alerts are easily reset with a touch of a button
  • Meter also includes timer mode to record individual riding sessions
  • Total hours accumulated is not re-settable and cannot be erased

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