Hastings Filters CS100 Liquid Coolant Additive – 1 Pint Bottle


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as of 05/27/2023 (Details)

Poor cooling system maintenance causes an estimated 40 percent of all premature engine failures. Coolant filters protect your engine by trapping contaminants and distributing Supplemental Coolant Additives (SCAs) into your cooling system. Use Hastings Premium Filters' full line of cooling system maintenance products - cooling system cleaner, liquid additives, coolant test kits and filters - to keep your engine running at peak performance. All Hastings Filters are designed to meet the requirements of the application.

Technical Details

  • Balanced Treatment for Ethylene Glycol (BTE) is a direct replacement for DCA2
  • BTE is designed for systems operating with 30 to 60 percent ethylene/propylene glycol solutions
  • Improves cooling system performance
  • Helps in the prevention of wet sleeve liner cavitation corrosion/erosion
  • Reduces scale formation in cooling system

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