Having The Dinosaur’s Baby: A Paranormal Romance

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A complete story, brought to you by best selling paranormal romance author Jane Rowe. The good news: curvy Jean has finally found a handsome and powerful man who is ready to have her baby... he goes by the name of Vel. The bad news: Vel is a Velociraptor shifter from a mysterious island, one which her and her paleontologist friends have crash landed their boat on. What's more, with all the other dinosaur shifters on the island seeing humans as nothing more than food, she has a very slim chance of survival. Though as they say, every cloud has a silver lining. During her fight for survival, a real connection forms between her and her hunky shifter savior. But can Jean and Vel survive the island, have a baby of convenience and let their new found connection grow into the love they both know it can be? Find out in this hot and exciting new kind of shifter romance, brought to you by best selling author Jane Rowe. Suitable for over 18s only due to hot sex scenes.

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