HDD/SSD Cable & Caddy for HP Envy 17, 17t, m7 ( -J000, – Jxxx series), Genuine Newmodeus Product


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as of 01/22/2022 (Details)

HDD / SSD Caddy and Cable Kit for the HP Envy 17-J000, Envy 17t-j000, Envy 17t-J100, Envy TouchSmart 17, Envy TouchSmart m7 Series laptops IMPORTANT!: not compatible with older generation ENVY 17 Series laptops. If you are unsure of what laptop series you have, please check the bottom of your laptop or check underneath the battery (remove the battery to see the series model number). The model number should look something like this "17t-jxxx" or "m7-jxxx". (We have different caddy and cable kits for the older generation ENVY 17 laptops). This "caddy and cable kit" will enable you to add a 2nd hard drive to your Laptop. Your Envy 17t, m7 series laptop comes from the factory with two internal hard drive bays. All you need to add a 2nd HDD or SSD is a the correct caddy and cable.

Technical Details

  • Add a 2nd HDD/SSD to your HP Envy 17t-j000,17t-j100, m7-j000 series laptop
  • Genuine Newmodeus 2nd HDD/SSD cable and caddy / rail kit
  • Works with HDD / SSD drives up to 9.5mm in height
  • This kit is for the Envy 17, 17t -Jxxx, -J000 series only. We have 2nd HDD kits for the older generation Envy 17 laptops
  • Important: Be sure to check that you have the correct model number of your laptop
  • Video installation instructions available online
  • For 2nd Drive Bay only
  • HDD / SSD not included
  • Genuine Newmodeus Product

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