Heatshield Products 380008 Black 1″ Wide x 25′ Long Cobra Skin Exhaust Wrap


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as of 07/06/2022 (Details)

Cobra Skin wrap uses new HPTC coating, allowing it to sustain 1350° Fahrenheit continuously. In addition to increased temperature parameters, it also allows the wrap to remain flexible and strong. For most header wraps the fiberglass will become weak and brittle at 1000° Fahrenheit, coatings will extend the base temp to 1200° Fahrenheit, but the fibers will still become brittle. With the new coating, not only does it give the fiberglass a higher rated temperature of 1350° Fahrenheit, but it allows the fibers to remain flexible. Flexible fibers will expand and contract with the metal of the exhaust system, ensuring long term maximum heat retention and a longer life. The coating also gives wraps an increased abrasion resistance even at 1350° Fahrenheit and results less fraying when cutting, installing, fewer loose fibers and less itch. The black HPTC is deep black and it stays deep black after it has been heat cycled. Cobra Skin exhaust wrap features a special weave making it easier to wrap around bends in pipes compared to conventional exhaust wraps. The special weave also gives this exhaust wrap a carbon fiber look after it has been installed. Exhaust heat wraps maintain more heat in the exhaust system, exhaust gases become hotter, allowing the exhaust gas to exit the system faster. This increases exhaust scavenging pulling intake with exhaust gases through the system faster, lowers intake temperatures: that equals more horsepower. Cobra Skin wrap also reduces radiant heat damage and can lower under hood temperatures by as much as 50 percent. Lower ambient under hood temperatures can lead to even lower intake temperatures. Cobra Skin exhaust heat wrap can withstand a real world rating 1200° Fahrenheit continuous and 2000° Fahrenheit intermittent. Exhaust wrap is asbestos free and is made from a base high quality fiberglass yarn. Cobra Skin wrap is noncombustible it is also water and fungus resistant.

Technical Details

  • Rated for 1350° Fahrenheit continuous, 2000° Fahrenheit intermittent; always wear safety glasses, dust mask, gloves and long sleeves are recommended when handling this exhaust header wrap
  • Special weave makes it easier to wrap around bends, and gives carbon fiber look
  • Cobra skin exhaust wrap reduces under hood temperatures up to 50 percent
  • Stays flexible and strong, abrasion resistant even at 1350° Fahrenheit
  • All rolls 1/16 inch thick

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