Hi-Gear HG5507s Wire Drier – 8.5 fl. oz.


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as of 04/11/2021 (Details)

Hi-Gear's aerosol products have proven to be an innovative industry leader. Hi-Gear's research and development team is devoted to all facets of research, development, quality control and production to ensure a high quality, premium product that exceeds the customer's expectations. Hi-Gear produces the latest generation in professional strength products that are proven performance leaders. Hi-Gear's products are designed to conquer a variety of servicing challenges with effective solutions. Wire Drier displaces moisture from micro-cracks in high voltage wires, distributor cover, points and ignition coil. It prevents high voltage leaks which lead to failure in smooth engine operation, difficult starts and excessive fuel consumption. Regular use maintains a stable protective film which provides longer service life of high voltage wires and improves reliability. Hi-Gear Wire Drier should be used with every formal checkup and during breakdown repairs due to high voltage leakage.

Technical Details

  • Displaces Moisture in High Voltage Wires, Distributor Cover, Points and Ignition Coil
  • Dries Wet Ignition Coils
  • Prevents High Voltage Leaks
  • Cleans and Weatherproofs All Electrical System Parts
  • Use in Automotive, Marine, Heavy Duty and Household Applications

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