Hike-O-Vision Trek – Joshua Tree, Columbia & Lassen Volcanic NP, CA [Blu-ray]


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Hike through Joshua Tree, Columbia, and Lassen Volcanic National Park in California! Get on your treadmill and go for three unique hikes! The first is through a sandy maze of jumbled boulders in Joshua Tree National Park, in the Mojave Desert of Southern California. Skull Rock Trail takes you on a wild half-mile where the rounded rocks can take on the appearance of imaginary creatures, cloud cities and yes, one scary giant's skull. If that sounds interesting, you'll also get a kick out of the last trail in Lassen Volcanic National Park along the mountainous trail to Bumpass Hell. You read that right, it was named after a Mr. Bumpass who unfortunately fell into one of the geothermal pools at the end here (you can't make this stuff up). You too can explore the boiling, steaming area where this happened if you first survive the long, precipitous climb and descent to the chalky, sulfurous pits below. Plus, rabid chipmunks. In between these two treacherous wilderness hikes is the fun historical treat of Columbia, a perfectly-preserved gold mining town from the 1849 California gold rush. Its located in the famous 'motherlode' area of the Sierra Nevada. You ll get to wander in and out of the museum, a working smithy, an old bowling alley and even through remains of blasted rocks where over 87 million dollars in gold was laboriously mined (back when it was $12-16 an oz)!

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