Hockey Tough

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No hockey player can reach his full potential without mastering the mental side of the sport. Hockey Tough provides players and coaches proven methods for mastering the mental side of the game. Author Saul Miller shares the psychological training and emotional management techniques he has successfully taught individual hockey players and teams for over 20 years. Throughout the book, NHL stars such as Mark Messier, Pavel Bure, Chris Pronger, and Markus Naslund offer insights and tips on a variety of topics related to achieving a winning mind-set for the sport. These players explain how to focus and score, how to deal with personality conflicts on and off the ice, and how to bounce back with confidence after a subpar performance. Miller, one of North America's most prolific and sought-after sport psychology consultants in hockey, presents mental exercises and assignments to help players-develop a winning attitude on and off the ice, -stay focused to execute skills and tactics, -maintain the mental stamina required in this physically demanding sport,-overcome emotional fatigue and physical aches and pains to perform at the highest level throughout the season,-manage their anger to avoid costly penalties in crucial game situations, and-develop the discipline and tenacity to force and capitalize on opponents' mistakes. Miller presents many other topics of interest, such as the intangibles that coaches and scouts look for in players and what it takes to make it to the top level of competition. Motivation, teamwork, leadership, and poise are essential factors to successful performance. Hockey Tough will strengthen each of these areas and help players achieve a mind-set to excel on the ice.

Technical Details

  • Author(s): Saul Miller
  • Published: 7-24-2003
  • SHK00639

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