Keurig Water Filter Replacement By Brewooze, Compatible with 2.0 Keurig Brewers and Many Other Coffee Makers

Keurig Water Filter Replacement By Brewooze, Compatible with 2.0 Keurig Brewers and Many Other Coffee Makers
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The key to delicious, better-tasting coffee is a premier water filter designed for Keurig brewers. Perfect-tasting coffee is heavily reliant on the quality of water that goes into your Keurig brewer. Without proper filtration, your coffee not only tastes poorly, it can be bad for your health. But thanks to Keurig Water Filter Replacements by Brewooze , you'll be able to enjoy better coffee every time you fill up your tank. Our Keurig coffee filters easily slip into your water filter assembly and sit firmly to ensure proper filtration every time. Don't settle for filters that let metals, iron and other ill-tasting chemicals taint your favorite coffee brand. Pick up Keurig Water Filter Replacements by Brewooze and ensure you get the most out of Keurig brewer. Here are a few additional features: ➢ Fits easily into 2.0 Keurig Brewers ➢ Set of six filters (6) ➢ Ensures cleaner, filtered water ➢ Each filter lasts up to two months or 60 tank refills ➢ Makes coffee purer and taste better CLICK "ADD TO CART" ABOVE AND GET YOURS TODAY!

Technical Details

  • ★PRODUCT FEATURES:Product Features : At Brewooze we take very seriously The Overall Quality Of Our Products. We are Conscious that Our Carbon Filters For Coffee Makers Are Used On A Regular Basis By Our Customers. Logically We Emphasize In Sourcing Only The Finest Ingredients To Ensure A Safe Cafe Cup EVERY DAY. Activated Coconut Charcoal Water Filter is a Highly Absorbent Material With Millions Of Tiny Pores That Can Capture, Bind, And Remove Up To 100 Times The Charcoal's Weight In Toxins. The Porous Surface Has A Negative Electric Charge That Attracts Positively Charged Toxins And Gas To Be Carried Easily Out Of Your Water Machine +.
  • ★FULLY COMPATIBLE: Brewooze Nano Shields Are The Best Alternative to Low Quality & Expensive Keurig Filters. This Sophisticated Replacement Filter For Keurig Coffee Makers Comes In A 6-filter pack That will last you all year round. Make sure to replace Your Keurig Water Reservoir Filter Every 60 Days For Optimal Performance. Nano Shields Are fully compatible with all Keurig Modern Models released after 2007 including: K-75 K-65 K-40 K-45 N-20 K350 K450 K550 K500 K250, Keurig Special Edition and Keurig Platinum Coffee Makers. Nano shields were engineered To enhance the flavor of most coffee brands Through Their patented Nano Absorption Technology, Liberating You From Unwanted Substances On Your Water.
  • ★ FULL BREWOOZE WARRANTY - Still Not Satisfied? Brewooze Prides Being a Dominant Amazon Alternative Brand For Keurig Parts , Coffees & Keurig Charcoal Filters Let us Know and You Will be Offered a FULL Refund or Replacement - No Questions Asked! Enjoy this Product Absolutely RISK FREE. Purchase These Six Elite Keurig Compatible Filters Today by Clicking the Yellow "ADD TO CART BUTTON" Above For A Limited Time Only. ALSO Get To Enjoy ALL Brewooze Coffee Machine Part Replacements at a Discounted Price After Your First Purchase Of Any Of Our Alternative Keurig Accessories

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