Riverock Essential Oil Diffuser by Deneve – Sublime Whisper Quiet Electric Ultrasonic Vaporizer

Riverock Essential Oil Diffuser by Deneve – Sublime Whisper Quiet Electric Ultrasonic Vaporizer
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UNWIND FROM THE DAILY GRIND. Soothe and infuse your mind, body and soul with the most thoughtfully-designed essential oil diffuser today. Let the calming effects of a babbling brook transport you with the Deneve Aromatherapy Diffuser. This diffuser is the fusion of form and function with leading-edge electronics, ease of use, and chic modern design to accent any home or spa. PROMOTES WELLNESS Purifies, sterilizes, moisturizes and ionizes by producing the finest, lightest droplets of water and essential oils without degrading the true essence of oils, allowing micro droplets to disperse more widely. Helps provide relief from dry air, colds & flus, coughs, and skin conditions. EASY ON THE EYES Chic modern design resembling a rounded river pebble blends in with most interior decor as an appealing accent or conversation piece. Our LED light band illuminates evenly with no bleed or fade, and serves as mood enhancement or accent lighting. Turn off to rejuvenate in the dark. TRANQUIL TO YOUR EARS Finally an aroma diffuser that's quiet and pleasant enough to put on your nightstand. Mechanical noises & NVH levels are nearly eliminated, while our stylish body design accurately reproduces the very faint burble of a distant babbling creek. RELAXING AS YOU BREATHE Fill up to the max level with water, and add 5 or more drops of essential oils or blends of your choice, to suit your mood and needs. Can also be used as a humidifier by filling with water only. PLEASING TO TOUCH AND USE Our diffuser is designed for superior efficiency and ease of use. No buttons means you can reach out and operate without looking and risking moving or tipping over. Uses water optimally with auto-shut off ensures water is optimally used. WARRANTY 1 Year 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Technical Details

  • SUBLIME. TRANQUIL. Modern. Elegant. THOUGHTFUL. Invigorating. The Riverock Essential Oil Diffuser, Exclusively Designed By Deneve. The most HASSLE-FREE & QUIETEST Essential Oil Diffuser available for the most serene relaxation experience.
  • SPECS: 4-5 hours of usage with full water capacity. 250 sq. ft. of coverage. Purchase includes aroma diffuser, measuring cup, and 100-240V AC adapter. OIL / SCENT NOT INCLUDED.
  • Backed by a 1-Year 100% satisfaction guarantee! Portion of net proceeds donated to charity!
  • The Deneve Essential Oil Diffuser was meticulously molded from an international collaboration of usability and acoustics engineers & design experts whose mission was revitalize your well-being and soul. Our diffuser simulates and brings the best benefits of a babbling brook into your abode: from the smooth and round texture and shape of riverbed pebbles, to the very faint sound and the mist arising from the water as it flows over the rocks. Unwanted noise, heat, vibration, and complexity were virtually eliminated, while we enhanced the pleasant robust mist, soft ambient bubbling sound, and ease of use.
  • TO USE (followed by "TO CLEAN")::: [SHORT Version] Simply push downward on top of unit. [DETAILED Version] Place diffuser on firm surface. Use tap water. Use measuring cup to fill water up to max level. Add 5 or more drops of essential oil (if desired). To cycle through modes & operations, press on the top half with the sticker "PRESS DOWN FIRMLY HERE." Remove sticker at your discretion. Continue depressing to cycle through the following modes: Power On Mist and Ambient Light Color Rotation, Set Single Ambient Color, Turn Ambient Color Off, Shut Unit Completely Off. :::::: TO CLEAN: Empty tank with any leftover water weekly. Use mild soap & water, or weak vinegar / water solution for *surface clean only.* Do not immerse unit into water. Lightly scrub the round atomizer at the bottom of the tank with a cotton swab soaked in vinegar. Rinse with water.

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