Westclox Tech 47547 Super Loud Alarm Clock ,90dB

Westclox Tech 47547 Super Loud Alarm Clock ,90dB
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The Westclox Banshee includes features that make your room more simple and your life less stressful. A soft and compact case design keeps living spaces clean and simple. No need to stress about wake-up time because the extra loud alarm clock will wake you up but also has a dimmer sound setting for those more sensitive to morning sounds. You will never need to worry about power outages by taking advantage of its convenient battery operated mehcanisn which maintains time though the darkest of times.

Technical Details

  • Digital alarm clock with 1/2-inch LCD screen and extra loud alarm
  • Oversized numbers for quick reading in the dark
  • Includes snooze feature and press-on blue backlight
  • Optional lower alarm volume for lighter sleepers
  • Runs on 1 9V and 2 AAA batteries for easy portability

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