Hope & Sorrow


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as of 06/29/2022 (Details)

With his first album, Wax Tailor became the independent European sensation of the past year, popularizing his brand of cinematic soundscapes to the masses. Now he's back with Hope & Sorrow , set to become his US break through album. Featuring past collaborators Charlotte Savary, Marina Quaisse & The Others as well as newcomers such as soul empress Sharon Jones, spoken word extraordinaire Ursula Rucker and rappers Voice and A.S.M., the album reaffirms Wax Tailor's evocative take on music. With these 12 tracks and 3 interludes, he will once again direct you on a journey where vocal guests become more prominent and act as guides in this musical scenario. 48 minutes of pure musical bliss that will make you reflect on your entire record collection.

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