How to Get a Green Card


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U.S. immigration law is a tangle of details. This book explains the most likely bases upon which an everyday person might qualify for a green card: family, marriage, asylum, the visa lottery, and a few lesser-known categories.Then, the book leads readers safely through the enormous immigration bureaucracy, with step-by-step application instructions, checklists with required forms and documents, tips for avoiding mistakes and dealing with legal complications, and sample forms.This edition is completely revised to reflect the latest laws, including new rights to a green card for same-sex married couples, agency contact information, and fees, plus critical new procedural information, particularly concerning the new provisional waiver for unlawful presence. And if the immigration reform bill currently before congress becomes law, the book will cover its groundbreaking changes, including a new path to citizenship for immigrants currently in the country without documentation.This book is not appropriate for people seeking temporary visas or work-related green cards.  

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