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as of 12/02/2021 (Details)

IBgard® is a medical food specially formulated for the dietary management of IBS. IBgard® capsules contain individually triple-coated sustained release microspheres of Ultramen®, an ultra-purified peppermint oil. In a recent clinical study, IBgard® has been shown to start working in as early as 24 hours.* IBgard® can help to... • Normalize digestion of food and absorption of nutrients, which have been compromised by IBS • Manage the accompanying pain and often distressing symptoms of IBS including: abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, urgency, gas, pain at evacuation and a sense of an incomplete bowel movement • Promote bacterial balance in the small intestine In addition to peppermint oil, IBgard® also provides fiber and protein. Peppermint oil and its principal component L-menthol, has a history of effectiveness in IBS. However, until now, its targeted delivery to the small intestine had posed a challenge. IBgard®, calms the angry gut® through the utilization of breakthrough science. It uses the precision of SST® (Site Specific Targeting) technology. This technology delivers microspheres of peppermint oil (in a solid state) quickly and reliably where they are needed the most in IBS - predominantly in the small intestine.

Technical Details

  • A medical food for the dietary management of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  • Starts working in as early as 24 hours to manage IBS
  • Contains individually triple coated sustained release microspheres of Ultraman®, an ultra purified peppermint oil

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