iJDMTOY 35-035-Smoked Dark Smoke Lens Tail/Brake Light for Truck SUV Trailer Class 3/4/5 2-Inch Towing Hitch Receiver, Powered by 15 Super Bright Red LED Bulbs


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as of 09/30/2023 (Details)

This page features a super bright, 15-LED brake light for the trailer hitch cover that provides added safety when the tow hitch is not in use. The lamp size is a convenient 3-1/4 x 3-1/4 inches to fit 2" standard tow hitch and functions as tail/brake light or rear fog light. The lamp comes with a hitch pin with lock and foam lining in order to ensure that the fit is snug. Unlike other 9-LED hitch mounted LED brake light with bright mode only, our 15-LED features a bright brake light, which will not blink along with your turn signals, AND a dimmer running tail light! Use Notes: The trailer hitch mounted LED tail brake light will not blink while your turn signals are exclusively in use. However, it will blink if both your brake lights and your turn signal lights are active. (demo: youth. be/c0TVmFRmjW0) FAQ: Q: Why does the LED brake light fits the tow hitch, but feels loose? A: The tow hitch cover is only secured by the tow hitch lock to make sure that it does not fall off, so the lock is not completely tight. There is already some foam in the inner side of the tow hitch cover, but if you feel that you would like the tow hitch cover to fit more snug, you can always add some foam to hold the tow hitch cover in place. Q: What if the LED brake light wiring is not long enough for my vehicle? A: The length of the wire for the LED brake light is designed to work for most trucks and SUVs with tow hitch. In some rare cases if the wiring is too short, you can extend the wires. Cut the adapter wires and extend the wiring. Q: Why does the LED brake light not light up after I plugged in the adapter? A: In some rare cases, the vehicle's positive/negative are reversed. The LED assembly is polar sensitive, the polarity reverse causes LED to not light up. This is rare, but can be fixed. Take the adapter and cut the wires. Flip the wires to reverse the polarity.

Technical Details

  • Trendy dark black smoke lens 15-LED brake lamp assembly providing added safety when your hitch is not in use
  • Square shape tow hole 3rd third LED brake lamp, size: 3-1/4 x 3-1/4 inches to fit 2" standard tow hitch and function as tail brake light or rear fog light (demo: youth. be/9OwH7VPxl0E)
  • Comes with a set of basic tow hitch lock/pin and some foam lining to ensure a snug fit (also compatible with other tow hitch lock)
  • Unlike other 9-LED brake light with bright mode only, our 15-LED has brake AND running tail light; will not blink with turn signals
  • Function as add-on center tail running and brake/warning light, give your Truck or SUV additional safety and sate enhancement
  • Warning: for some newer trucks such as 2015-up Ford F-150, the truck can detect if the power socket under its tailgate is in use. Plugging in the 15-LED brake light will trigger this trailer turn lamp fault message which is completely normal. You may either disable trailer mode when the prompt comes up or ignore the message
  • For this LED tail/brake light to light up, the 4-pin adapter must have a +++/- configuration (+ for running, left and right turn signals; - for ground). In some rare cases, the stock vehicle's positive/negative are reversed (---/+). Since the LED assembly is polar sensitive, the reversed polarity will cause the LED to not light up
  • The tow hitch mounted LED tail/brake light can fit any 2" standard size trailer hitch receivers. This will NOT fit a 1-1. 25" trail hitch receiver. Your truck or SUV must also come with a standard 4-pin trailer adapter for the LED brake light to power. If it does not, you will have to purchase a 7-pin to 4-pin adapter
  • Special IC built in to ensure the tow hitch mounted LED tail/brake light doesn't flash when only your turn signals are on

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