IMAGE® HDMI Bi-direction 2×1 or 1×2 A-B AB A/B Switch Switcher Box Amplifier Splitter Support 3D 1080p HDTV,Blu-Ray, DVD, PS3 1.4V


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as of 12/02/2021 (Details)

Specifications: 2 HDMI-Host (DVD Player or PS3) to 1 HDMI Monitor or TV 1 HDMI-Host (DVD Player or PS3) to 2 HDMI Monitor or TV MAX operation current:15ma Main control: Manual electron select 3 HDMI A/F connectors Support HDMI 1920 * 1080P * 60(MAX) Support MAX cable length:5m (total) Dimensions:42*50*25 mm(L,W, H) Weight:35g Housing: Plastic Note: The unit runs on the power provided by the HDMI input source; therefore, if a HDMI switcher is used before it, then the HDMI switcher must have a power adapter to provide sufficient power to run that switcher and this bi-directional AB switcher.

Technical Details

  • It can easily switch two routes of HD Source to any one HD display or projector. Also it can distribute one HD Source to two HD Display or projector.
  • Offer solutions for noise, space and security concerns, data center control, information distribution, conference room presentation, school and corporate training environments.
  • Power free; With 2 LED & display working port;Easy install & operation; Support HDMI Plug & Play
  • Full compliance with HDMI Specification v1.0, v1.1, v1.2, v1.3 and v1.4
  • Package including: 1 x HDMI Bi-direction 2x1 Switch; 1 x User Manual

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