Improved Mental Focus & Productivity: Subliminal CD

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Imagine getting more done in one day than you usually do in a week! After just one use of this subliminal session you will notice a dramatic boost in mental focus and productivity. With continued use you will experience: * Improved mental clarity, focus and concentration, so that you can get more done in less time. * Greater ability to learn and recall information fast. * Sharpened thinking and mental quickness allowing you to tackle any unexpected difficulties in life with ease. * Increased alertness and mental energy for overall better mood and feelings of greater self-confidence.Watch your productivity soar as you gain the ability to instantly and effortlessly laser-focus your mind on any task at hand.Simply listen and relax as our high-tech brainwave entrainment music eases your brain a state of hemispheric synchronization. In this state the left and right sides of your brain can communicate clearly with each other, resulting in peak mental performance. Meanwhile our powerful subliminal technology will reprogram your subconscious mind for permanent results that will last a lifetime! Why More People Trust SpeedZen SubliminalsAt SpeedZen we strive to provide the best subliminal CDs available. Every day, more and more people choose SpeedZen as their trusted source for subliminal learning aids because we provide:The Best MusicEach of our subliminal CDs contains unique and engaging music, combined with brainwave entrainment technology to give you the most pleasurable listening experience possible. The meditative trance induced by our powerful music provides all the known health benefits of deep meditation every time you listen, and increases the effectiveness of our subliminal messages tenfold.Real Subliminal Messages for Real ResultsFrom day one our goal was to create a subliminal messaging system that could be proven to work. And we already knew that the existing silent methods could never withstand scientific scrutiny.So how do we embed our subliminal messages into the music in a way that still bypasses the conscious mind to fully penetrate the subconscious?We've developed a unique mixing method that actually blends, or weaves the spoken words into the music itself. You can still hear the words, but to the conscious mind they seem like part of the music. This is important because anything your ears can't hear, such as ultrasonic or silent messages, won't be received by your subconscious mind either. Beware of subliminal CD providers that tell you otherwise.

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