Incarcerated (Explicit)


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as of 10/18/2021 (Details)

Like other albums from Lil Boosie, Incarcerated dives deep into the troubled soul of a young star on the rise, plagued by his past and living in a corrupted society. Many of the songs on this album were recorded in what Boosie considered his "Last Days." With the controversy surrounding Lil Boosie's unexpected legal troubles and questions about his future, Incarcerated is intended to give an insider's look on what really went through Boosie's mind and what inspires him into his future. With features from the entire Trill Entertainment roster, Incarcerated is reminiscent of unity that is a key ingredient of the success of the label and lays the foundation for the next level of music from Lil Boosie and the Trill Fam.

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