InfiniApps DuoMount, Universal CD Slot Magnetic Cradle-less Smartphone Car Mount Holder for iPhone 6s 6s+ 6 6+ 5 5S, Samsung Galaxy S6 S5 S4 Note 5. Patented Quick-snap technology


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as of 05/06/2021 (Details)

InfiniApps DuoMount is the most versatile smartphone mount on the market. You can mount multiple devices on the DuoMount, or simply mount one late device like a tablet. Simply toss your phone or tablet toward it, and its precision magnets will guide your phone securely into place. Virtually automatic phone mounting system. You can then rotate your phone and adjust its angle to your liking. By way of intelligent blade design, the DuoMount fits perfectly into your car's CD slot. At a perfect reach, solid and stable, there's no better place to mount your smartphone (all while keeping your CD player functional). When you're ready to go, there are no clumsy tabs or knobs to mess with - just grab your phones and go. DuoMount is truly an innovative approach to mounting. Simple and seamless with our patented system, just hover your smartphone near the magnetic mounting face and instantly set it securely in place. Snap on, snap off. Amazingly fast one-handed operation makes any mounting and dismounting action effortless and quick. DuoMount is also Cradle-less with no view obstructing brackets that requires both set of hands to mount on/off. Our high friction material coupled with precision magnetic force keeps the phone in place, even through a rough ride. Product is designed directly by us here in the USA to be robust and durable.

Technical Details

  • Universal Smartphone, Cellphone mount utilizing Patented Broad Spectrum Magnetic system. Easiest mounting system using specially engineered magnets. Compatible with all generations of iPhones, all Samsung Galaxy S series and Samsung Galaxy Note series phones, and other Android/Window/BlackBerry smart phones
  • Inserts into front loading CD player slot, where device controls are easily accessible by the driver. DuoMount is designed to fit firmly in your car's CD slot while allowing the CD player to function normally.
  • Patented magnetic mounting system provides virtually an auto-mounting of your phone. You can literally toss your phone towards the mount, and the magnetic base will pull it securely in place. Simplest one-hand operation, even with your eyes closed. No more struggling to mount your phone ON/OFF. Fully adjustable, tilt and rotate, for the best viewing angles.
  • UltraThin High Carbon Steel Insert Plates are specifically designed to provide high permeability and high saturation point for creating the best combination of magnetic holding power and absorbing & shielding magnetic flux. This unique plate will secure your mobile devices safely and steadily while mounted on the DuoMount.
  • Package includes 1 x DuoMount + 4 x Metal Insert Plate (one rectangular with tape for securing application and one rectangular without tape for maximum "thinness" or tight fitting application; and 2 circular disc for compact application). This product is Designed in California.

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